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I guess I'll start it out...


Hi!  I'm the founder and admin around here.

I'm a long time Subaru enthusiast currently with a black 2015 WRX.  I've administrated a couple other forums in the past and figured I would build one for the new Subaru Ascent as I'm pretty excited to see the car when it finally hits the streets.

Thanks for joining!

Thanx. Never did this before but we bought our first Subaru 2 years ago and are looking for a bigger vehicle than the Forester. Hope the Ascent comes quickly with a big enough engine and cutting edge technology. Will look to forum to help understand what's coming. Thanks yeahYEAH!

Cool, glad to have you on board, Squeeze!

I'm hoping the new 2.4L turbo in the Ascent is enough to sufficiently power it because I saw the concept at the LA Auto Show and it is a big vehicle.


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